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Wink AnyDesk - By ex-TeamViewer devs

AnyDesk is a free Remote Desktop Access utility and from ex-dev's of TeamViewer. The benchmark test (pdf): http [ COLON ] //anydesk [ DOT ] com/benchmark/anydesk-benchmark.pdf

by the team reports that AnyDesk excels far better than TeamViewer and other alternatives (although we might want to wait for reports from 3rd party testers).

The results lead to their claim that AnyDesk is the World's fastest Remote Desktop Application. Also the product doesn't require installation, though it asks if you do want to install after testing the product and closing it.

The software is still in beta, and will be converted to freeware version once it is stable.
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i like the interface and seems speedy when I open it...

they really need a "test" computer people can connect to, I don't have a second computer to try it out with

also want a phone app, been using teamview on phone it is nice when I need it. Though blackberry lets me access files directly so it isn't that I need teamviewer to get to files, but just to see what other guys are looking at
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^ eyeb...just use a VM ;|

I've downloaded this and tested it...very impressed with it...seems to have a better framerate than my Teamviewer's dead simple...not many options available but the standard options for remote desktop software...such as password protection, proxy settings...operates on a unique code connection...available currently for Windows and Linux...Apple and Android versions coming soon, I may switch completely to this when the Android version comes out AND they keep this free for personal use
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