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Default AppCompactor - An Introduction

This program is used to compact programs so that they take up less space and load faster when the program is launched. This is useful for the portable apps because they are stored on media that has limited space and transfer rates. Making them smaller and load faster enables the user to use them more efficiently. I support this app completely. It is a somewhat advanced program, so be careful. I am only advertising this program because it is, in my personal opinion, a must-have for any who used portable apps. Be sure to read the Helpful Hints so that you do not compress the wrong files and make the program unusable.

All of the following information has been taken from
I take no credit for any of the information. All credit belongs to the authors and developers at AppCompactor AppCompactor allows you to easily compress application to decrease size on disk and increase performance when running from a slow media (like flash drives). It packages UPX and 7-Zip within an easy to use wizard allowing you to easily compress an app's EXEs, DLLs and other binaries using UPX in either NRV2E, NRV2D, LZMA or BRUTE mode as well as recompressing ZIP and JAR files to their maximum level using 7-Zip. It also has an option to DECOMPRESS an app's binary files that were previously compressed with UPX. Just select the directory and all the DLL, EXE, ZIP, JAR, IRC, PYD and BIN files within that directory will be compressed. Depending on the files, the AppCompactor can decrease an app's size by 50% or more without affecting functionality. This same tool has been used on's most popular apps including Portable, Pidgin Portable, GIMP Portable and more.

Helpful tips:

* Don't compress NSIS launchers (FirefoxPortable.exe, etc), they'll break
* It's usually best to select the AppName\App directory in a portable app
* It's best to have the app you're compressing reside on a hard drive (at least temporarily) rather than a flash drive to improve performance and decrease writes to your flash drive
* You can disable the Welcome screen or have the console window stay by editing the settings.ini in the Data directory
* Only NRV2E should be used for Releases (including development tests and pre-releases) unless it's a small app (one exe and a dll or two) and very easy for you to test every feature and function on every Windows OS.
* Always back up your files before using this tool as it will not work with all applications.

You can download the AppCompactor from its homepage.
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