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Default Types of Portable Apps

There are different types of portable apps. When I say different types, I am not referring to the program's specific use or the name of the program. I am referring to how the portable app is compiled. Below are definitions of each kind with a few examples in selective definitions. Format
These programs are compiled to be run using the Menu. The directory contains a launcher, which will launch the app, an App directory that contains the files necessary to run the program, and a Data directory which contains the data used to save your personal settings and registry entries.

Thinstalled Applications
These are programs that are contained within a single executable file. All files that are necessary to run the program are contained within the single executable file. Registry entries are also in this file, tho some apps that were created using older versions of Thinstall will leave some data on the host computer. New versions will create a folder in the same directory as the executable that will isolate these files so they are not left on the host computer and so that any changes to preferences or updates are maintained.

Stand-Alone Applications
Stand-Alone applications do not require any kind of installation. They run "as-is" and settings or modifications are saved in a .ini or config file. Some examples would be DataRecovery, Panda Anti-Rootkit and McAfee AVERT Stinger. Thinstalled applications are stand-alone applications, tho they are not distributed by the author in that form. The user must use pre-purchased software to convert them into this format.

Other Portable Applications
Some applications that are portable are not necessarily meant to be run in a portable environment, but will work that way. The program can be installed to a host computer, or directly to a portable device for that matter. If installed on a host computer, the user can simply copy/paste the program's directory and run it from a portable device. An example would be CCleaner, Programs that work in this way generally save to an .ini file, tho CCleaner will not do this unless the option is selected from within the program's interface.
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