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Welcome to the forum.

Glad it helped . Thanks to Gizmo for explaining it
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Default PicPick

How is Scrolling Window paused/stopped?
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Hey, can somebody help me figure out how to get the auto scroll working? Every possible method (of which I only see two, both resulting in an auto-border selection and an auto-scroll method) results in whatever part of the screen was clicked on to initiate the scrolling to scroll once after which it automatically stops and terminates the capture process. It honestly just seems like a bug. There's no other options, settings, or technical combinations I can think of to do it with. Any word on this as of this year/month? >.< Thanks you!
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Default PicPick incomplete scrolling window capture workaround

Looks like the last post was done a year ago, but since I've been having the same scrolling page problem where when scrolling starts, it jerks down and stops the capture, it looks like it's still relevant in PicPick version 5.1.4 Windows 10.

Some workarounds I finally found:
1. Make sure the browser is in resize mode (not maximized) - then pressing Ctrl+Alt+PrtSc and then mouse click within the page. It wasn't working for me in browser window maximized mode. This is in Chrome - haven't tested in other browsers.
2. Use the regular "Print this page" browser option with destination to pdf.
3. If the page is not too long, change browser zoom to less than 100% to fit all content and do a regular print screen.
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Does people still use this over the superior ShareX? I left PicPick when it turned adware only to find a better alternative in ShareX
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