Thank You for Donating


Thanks for donating to our community website.

It's people like you who keep the true spirit of the internet alive.

From all the crew at Gizmo's Freeware, a heart-felt thanks.




I hope that your family and you are all safe and well -- and have not experienced any losses (or at the most, very minimal).

Please take good care!



This site is a constant source of goodie's.

Keep up the good work..... :-)

Smoke me a Kipper.....

Sorry it took me so long to donate. I live on a fixed income so must budget each and every penny. But, your site is one of the few trusted freeware sites I use and of course, your organization deserves any monies you can get. I hope this donation will help you continue your excellent work.

I feel awful. I just saw the good news about the donations, but realized that I DIDN'T contribute when first asked!
I've been a member for over 8 years and use the site often! I just PAYPAL'd some $ now....sorry, Ian!

Did you receive the amount needed?

Your website has been one of the most reliable and trustworthy resources for finding decent applications, whether it be for iPhone, Mac, or PC. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!

In a world of spin, fake news and ever more devious marketing tactics, Gizmo's site provides something of real value: honest, objective, reliable advice and information, delivered by volunteers with integrity and no hidden agenda. That's something worth supporting. So I've made my (modest) contribution - and hope many others will do so too.

you are more than worth it, the amount of times i recommend you to people that have little or no knowledge of where to find apps, programs or even just "good" advice is staggering when i actually stop and think about it, the best thing i ever did was find your blog way back in the day and sign up for your emails.
Heartfelt thanks from me --don't ever quit.

I'm glad to donate. When I look at my computer, I see that about 90% of the programs installed are recommendations from Gizmo's site. I only occasionally disagree with some of the evaluations and reviews, but there is nothing else on the Internet that can be trusted as much is this site. Thanks so much for many years of assistance. Good luck reaching your goal.


TechSupportAlert has been my go-to site for over 10 years. Glad to contribute! Thanks for all you do!

My contribution to say that your expertise is very satisfying. Your friend in Costa Rica.

Keep us updated about the status of your viability. As long as you are straightforward with us we have your back. I have already made a contribution because I have no reason to think you all have worked consistently in the interest of the commonweal - I'm talking about years and years. We know what you have done and will support you to keep it up.

Well its money well spent. Over the years this site has dug me out of some holes, so happy to help........ :-)

Much Myrth.......

Gizmo is fantastic. I'm happy to support with $5 to keep recommendations unbiased and honest. If I could, it would be more. Keep up the great work!

Been coming here for years... always great information / well organized .
I wish I could have given more-- but my situation won't allow it right now.
Good thing you emailed us -- I didn't know about the threat to one of my
most used /most recommended/ most appreciated websites.
Hopefully even more people step up and do the right thing.

I've been a happy user of Gizmo, so I've just happily been sending you USD 5,- as well !
( And yes, the adblocker will get its whitlisting too :o)

Happy to help. You guys do a great job!

Kempsey NSW Australia

Contribution done! From your friend from Canada... ;-)

Done and Done. Thank You comment on other page. Thanks again Gizmo.

Donated keep up the good work

Happy to Donate. I have also switched off my ad blocker for your site. It's the least i could do for a site which has taught me all i know about computer software. Keep her LIT.

Hi Gizmo, it's a while since we communicated. I still figure that one day we catch up for that Sydney lunch when I come down from the Central Coast and you make it in from your green part of the world. Your site deserves to go from strength to strength as that's how I still see it travelling. Cheers, Petermac.

Very happy to help with my donation, please continue the great work!!

This is such a great, trustworthy site, that i'm happy to help. i've got most of my software through techsupportalert, and have learned a lot in the Forums.

Glad to be able to help support this essential site and its mission (my only regret is that I cannot do more at this time...).

love what you do, we made a donation.
hope it helps.
however, ad blocker stays on.

Done! I'll gladly give a donation or join a membership site, but don't turn off my adblocker for anyone. Too much bad stuff out there that comes through Ad networks.

At 83 yrs young I am is the same senior position as many seniors and their $$ - I thank you for all the help and hints you have provided me over the years since I first found your site. I do not use ad blockers but sometimes i wish I did but I understand the $$ impact it could have on many sites. GOOD luck on your donation drive.

Happy to donate
One the one hand it pains me to use an ad blocker but some sites have ads that are so frustrating I keep it on. But I always turn it off when a website requests that i do. May i suggest you do that too.

Happy to help. I'd like to donate more but since I'm a senior with a fixed income it's kind of difficult.

There is no better website for learning about freeware -- the site is absolutely essential, and has been a friend to all freeware coders. I have donated and put out the call on our website for others to lend their support. Keep up the great work.
-jesse (mouser), from

Glad to help. You are one of the true treasures of the internet. You've even been kind enough to help on specific problems . A jewel beyond price.

Thanks to you and the forum!

Thanks for all you have done over the years.

No hesitation in donating. A great informative website that has helped me countless times over the years.

Have used your reviews and suggested software for many years. A remarkable resource. I have cheerfully donated and also whitelisted your site in Ad Blocker (have only done this for a couple of other sites). Perhaps you can suggest the whitelisting option as well in your communications and show folk how to do it easily?

Happy to contribute....suggest you alter PayPal link page to ask if people would donate an extra X cents to their contribution so as to cover PayPal's slug that's charged to Gizmo for the PayPal service.

Happy to help.

Glad to donate a modest amount to this EXCELLENT site!

I just contributed, happy to do so. Gizmo's TechSupportAlert is valuable to me.

Wish I could donate more, but am an old geezer on a very limited income. Great site that I have followed for years; keep up the great work. Thanks Gizmo and Co.

Good Stuff, you never seem to amaze me

Gizmo's has saved me countless hours in researching software online and countless dollars which would have been spent in buying and trying second-rate software, only to end up disappointed. Many thanks to Gizmo and to all the many volunteers who make TechSupportAlert possible. You all are superb!

P.S.- If you ever need financial help again to be able to keep Gizmo's free and independent, please ask. Gizmo's is the best bargain on the web!

Happy to donate as i have used this site for a lot of years, and can't see that changing yet!

Thanks to Midnight Cowboy and the Herd for all the time and hard work spent providing the best PC software info found anywhere. Worth every penny, even when I donate, and it's cheap too.
May Gizmo's future be bright.

Donated. Worth every penny for this site. It's saved me a fortune.

Glad to donate to this great site!

Glad to donate to such a great site.

Just a small amount from Australia - as before.
Keep up the great work.

Excellent site! Thanks!
Have donated.