Wurm Online


Wurm Online

You will spend hours playing this beautiful RPG game


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License: Free
Review & Alternatives: Best Free Sandbox Game
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Great graphics, multiplayer and good community.
Controls are a bit hard to get used to; complex.

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Wurm Online is a free to play Online Sandbox RPG. It includes huge worlds (similar to the 'plains of Oblivion') at a remarkably small size (around 250mb).

It is very complex, but I felt it was very easy to 'get into'. It starts with showing a nice tutorial which is both informative and quite amusing. As you progress through the game you keep learning different things while being rewarded. You can do anything from build houses to explore nature or just talk to fellow players.

I found this game to be a very pleasant surprise and is great fun. You will spend hours playing this beauty.

It runs on Windows, Linux and Mac with Java installed.

Please note: This game is free to play, but to access some of its features, you will have to buy an account. Without an account, it is very hard to progress in the game.

(Thanks to Lyr for recommending this game.)

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