Wunderlist - To-Do List & Tasks


Wunderlist - To-Do List & Tasks

A simple yet fully featured app for notes, tasks, reminder and to-do list with browser bookmarking facility


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Easy to use, attractive GUI, and access across multiple platforms.
Large memory footprint.

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Wunderlist kind of reminds me of a simpler version than Evernote. Create notes, tasks and set reminders for them, all wrapped up in a simple to use attractive GUI.

To just use the app on your device, you don't need to create a Wunderlist account but if you have more than one device, be it Android or Desktop, I recommend setting up an account then you have the ability to access your notes, tasks and their reminders wherever you are. In this review I am covering the Android app version of Wunderlist but in order to cover more aspects of the app I will be mentioning the desktop version as well.

To receive reminders on Android you need to have your notifications enabled in your device settings and unlike Any.Do's unmissable pop-up reminder you will just receive a reminder in the notification bar (much like that of a missed call).

Wunderlist doesn't have a permanent calendar on display and it doesn't display an agenda as such but all your task etc can be listed in date order or alphabetically. Wunderlist has an attractive GUI already but if you wish you can change the theme from a number of free themes available.

Tasks can be sorted into different folders to help you keep your work and social life separate but still enable you to use Wunderlist for both. Some folders are already labeled in the app to get you started but these can be renamed and you can add more.

Any tasks/notes can be shared from within the app to other apps you have installed which could be really useful but I was unable to share tasks via Facebook or Pocket but I was able to share a task via email. If you would like to be able to share a task or task list you can connect Wunderlist with Facebook via the invite friends tab. But even after you have connected with Facebook, sent your invite to your Facebook friend, they have to then sign up for an account with Wunderlist and finally they will able to have access to the task or task list you sent. It seems quite a long winded process to me to just share a task that could have quickly been sent in a Facebook message or wall post but at least that way once your friend has an account you can work on the task separately but together within the app.

The user is able to import tasks from Any.Do into Wunderlist. The import was done within seconds but there was the odd date missing from a couple of tasks but all in all it was seamless and speedy. There is also a backup feature so you can backup all your Wunderlist data but if you create an account it's backed up to the cloud anyway and easier for access when you need to reinstall the app.

As I said Wunderlist reminds me a little of Evernote because you can create notes as well as tasks and reminders. It works across multiple platforms and has a Web version. In Chrome browser, there is also a web clipper extension which can provide a quick way of bookmarking a URL to Wunderlist or use it to highlight text on a web page and quickly add the text as a note to Wunderlist.

So if you want a simple yet fully featured app for notes, tasks, reminder and to-do list with some browser bookmarking facility, Wunderlist is for you.

Two Chrome apps and an extension are available from the developer of Wunderlist:

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