Shows you the time in different places over the world in one small window, quick and easy to use


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Multiple time zones and cities all supported in one small window, quick and easy to configure, small memory footprint, graphical, or drop down Zulu/GMT offset configurable cities, always on top configurable, NTP time server synchronization capable and more.
No color customization available, no transparency mode when configured for always on top, didn't work well in Windows 10.

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WorldClock by Wim Heirman has a small memory requirement at just 7Mb, is easy to use and gives me exactly what I want - a choice of virtually any number of time zones with customizable text to suit the cities or countries selected. Everything fits nicely in one small window and is quick and easy to change and view. Options are a little sparse, but that is what makes this such a simple and easy to use application.

Wim's World ClockConfiguring new cities is easy, using either a drop down list of names and GMT offsets, or using a little world map and clicking the location which then displays the GMT offset and time zone name. The city name can be customized to be anything you choose so that you can add smaller unlisted cities, and you can easily change the order of the cities listed by clicking up and down arrow buttons to position them any way you like.

If you're into other unusual time zones, for the internet savvy, Swatch Internet Time is supported, for the 'Trekkie's you can have Stardate Time, and if you're interested in the current Mars research programs, you can find Mars Coordinated Time also, though I suspect that while the last two might be fun, they will be have very limited usefulness to most of us.

There is even a calculation of the number of people on earth, obviously based on some pre-supposed rate of birth, and options for Julian date in both long and short formats. You can display or hide the whole list of cities, and when hovering your mouse over the system tray icon, the top few city times are displayed. NTP time server synchronization is a configurable option, for either one-off or regular settings at any number of seconds, minutes, hours, days or weeks.

This program is noted to be compatible with Windows XP and Vista. It didn't work well in Windows 10 when tested.

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