The Shotcut to your video editing!


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Pros & Cons:

has Advanced graphical node based compositiong. Very good audio mixing capabilities Combined motion tracking with creation suite. Renders videos in almost all outputs.
Needs time to get used to as it has complex mechanisms. Requires a strong PC so it might affect its performance. Some distributions require additional extensions/plug ins.

Our Review:

Shotcut has advanced graphical node based compositing with:

  • "Effects Strips": Essentially generates a strip in the sequence editor that you can layer above the target media strip. Like using a Photoshop layer for one specific effect.
  • Decent audio mixing capabilities
  • Fantastic motion tracking (advantage of being built into your creation suite)

It also supports a lot of media formats via FFmpeg and screen, webcam, and audio capture. It has timeline for non-linear video editing of multiple tracks that may be composed of various file formats. Scrubbing and transport control are assisted by OpenGL GPU-based processing and a number of video and audio filters are available.

It includes a lot of features for a free licensed software product which makes it even more reliable, saves time, money and a lot of effort as it simplifies your video editing!

Shotcut was reviewed by on based on version 18.03.