Retrieve Details Of Your Recent Internet Searches


MyLastSearch appHas this ever happened to you? You need to re-visit a web page but you don't recall its address. You know that you found it via a Google or Bing search but you can't remember what you searched for.

If so, a program called MyLastSearch is just what you need.

Has anyone been using your PC recently, with or without your permission? Or do you suspect that someone might be using your computer to search the web for undesirable content? If so, MyLastSearch can help here too.

The program is simple to describe. It scans your computer's browser history files and other locations too, looking for references to visits to Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, and some other major search engines too. And then it presents the results in a simple table so you can view the details and, if you wish, re-enter those searches.

You'll find the program at and the download link is towards the bottom of the page. It's a tiny ZIP file of 0.07 MB and is portable. It's also free.

The program is from the very well respected Nir Sofer, who makes some really good freeware utilities including this one. For some reason it triggers what I can only assume is a false alarm in VirusTotal, but my own tests lead me to conclude that it's fully trustworthy and malware-free. None of the major security vendors have any issue with it.

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I am guessing that if you usually clear your browsing history that this program will not be very helpful.

Very useful. Thank you!

I recently switched to the excellent Firefox 57 browser -- very fast and fully featured -- which has a nice "history" tab on the toolbar as standard (it also serves as the location for the bookmarks).