Restore Show/Hide Updates Feature In Windows 10

Windows 10 no longer includes the ability to hide individual updates.  Instead, the operating system tries to download and install every update that's available for your particular system.  Which can be a problem if one particular update is refusing to install.
You can get around this by downloading a free tool from Microsoft called the "Show Or Hide Updates Troubleshooter".  It lets you hide certain (not all) updates, which will delay their installation.  This may often help you to get your computer working correctly again if one particular update has been causing a problem.
The tool is free from and is portable.  Just download it and run it.  It's less than 0.1 MB.

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It seems it will take 3rd party tools to disable their spyware. Is this the first time an entire operating system could be classified as malware?

No. Both Google (Android) and Apple (OS X & iOS) easily beat MS to the punch.