A video editing app that is easy to use and quick to create footage from your photos and video clips.


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Easy and quick to create and edit videos, many themes with transitional effects, abundant soundtracks, handy editing tools, support high definitions.
Some results may require further manual editing to make them perfect.

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Quik is a creating and editing video app designed for ease of use with just a few taps on the screen without needing deep skills.

To create a video, tap the Plus sign, select a few photos from your gallery, albums, Google photos or Dropbox, add a title intro and select a theme, you can then save your creation to your device or share it with your friends.

The app has twenty over themes to choose, such as Sharp, Swell, Serene, Jolly, Sunny, etc., each with transition effects and graphics designed to suit your needs. It also provides featured soundtracks in addition to your own music library to add sound to footage.

Other than selecting photos, you can also add your existing video clips to create new footage. The app uses algorithms to search for the best moments in each video clip but you can also manually highlight sections of a clip to appear.

Before finalising a project and saving into a video, you can always switch to another theme or do more edits to your like, such as add text, rotate a frame, refocus a photo, trim or split a video, alter speed or duration, as well as changing sound and music. Quik allows you to save your creations as projects for seven days or duplicate your existing creations to edit further.

It has all quick and easy steps to generate great videos and provides you with handy tools to produce footage that looks professional, in just a few minutes.


Turn Your Photos Into Footage In A Really Quick and Easy Way

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