QuickPic Gallery


QuickPic Gallery

An excellent image viewer works as an alternative to the stock Photos app


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License: Free
Review & Alternatives: Best Free Image Viewer for Android

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Browse and view photos blazingly fast, sort photos, view photo details, slideshow with settings and even play animated GIF image files. Included a basic image editor. No ads.

Our Review:

QuickPic is an excellent image viewer that works as an ideal alternative to the stock Gallery or Photos app on your Android devices. When running this app, you can easily preview your collection of photos either in gallery, grid, list or explorer modes. And as the title of this app implies, it is designed for you to browse and view your pictures blazingly fast with no lagging on your mobile, with an option to exclude subfolders from viewing.

From the app menu, you can sort your photos by names, dates, or file paths in either ascending or descending order, check file sizes, photo resolutions and other details, slideshow with settings, and even play animated GIF image files which your stock Gallery can hardly do.

There's a simple built-in editor which allows you to shrink, rotate or crop a photo pretty efficiently so that you don't need to install another image editor if these basic editing tasks are already sufficient for your day-to-day use.

This app not only runs well on your phone, but is also optimized for your tablet with a bigger screen. But best of all, the developer specifically mentions that this app is free with no adverts. This means you don't need to worry about any unwanted advertisement block, however small, taking up the precious screen area on your mobile.

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