Adds tabs and a wide range of features to File Explorer to help users explore files and folders more quickly.


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Powerful, extensive, customizable, transforms Explorer
Difficult to discover and activate all of its features, documentation needs improvement.

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QTTabBar ("QT") is an amazingly flexible program with an endless array of functions that transform Windows Explorer or File Explorer, making easier to access and manager your files and folders. It's now updated and supports Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 (32bit/64bit).

After installing the add-on, you will need to log out and log back into Windows, then enable QT in the Explorer—just go to "View" in the Explorer, click the "Options" or "Toolbars" menu item, then select QTTabBar and other options needed.

You can see the tabs and command buttons enabled in the Explorer in the screenshot above. One of the most unique features of QT is the addition of tabs (like in web browsers). The tabs allow you to have multiple views or instances of Explorer all contained within one window. A single click will allow you to switch between them. QT allows you to clone, copy, move, delete and undo closed tabs. The program also includes endless options for customizing tab functions and appearance.

This barely scratches the surface of what is a very powerful, easy-to-use utility that may significantly change the way in which you do file-handling. Besides its level of customizability being unparalleled, QT has plenty of tools and functions, such as:

  • Tabs - middle click a folder icon opens the folder in a new tab.

  • Folders - a little arrow appears when hovering over a folder in the list-view pane of Explorer, clicking on it launches a cascading menu exploring that folder.

  • Tabbar/Toolbar - right click an empty spot on the tabbar gives you an option to "Browse for Folder" with a standard pop-up to browse and select a folder; and right click on an empty spot on the toolbar allows you to add more items and other options.

  • Groups - define groups of folders that can be launched with a single click in the Groups menu on the toolbar or via a right click on the tabbar.

  • Recent Tabs/Files - the Recent Tabs tool keeps folders you recently accessed and the Recent Files tool links to the files you recently accessed.

  • Previews - hover over an image, video or text file to show a pop-up preview and file info with customizable width and height.


  • Access where?  Toolbar, tab-bar, file/folder list view
  • Access how?  Buttons, right click on toolbar, shortcut keys
  • Favorites menu?  Yes: sub-menus, cascading menus
  • Recent menu?  Yes
  • Dialog window settings?  No
  • Additional window functions?  Popup
  • Customizability: Extreme
  • Additional Features: lots and lots

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