Takes the world clock to a new level with more features, more settings and more control


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License: Free (Limited features)
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Multiple (virtually unlimited) clocks can be displayed simultaneously, clock colors are customizable by city, relatively small memory footprint, different display formats (skins) in large, medium and small, different time display formats, time sync options to allow syncing your PC to a NTP time server, etc.
Some features are only available in the Pro version, only online (internet) help is available.

Our Review:

Qlock looks nice aesthetically and has configurable colors for each clock. It appears to be unlimited in the number of clocks and can display different cities in small, medium or large "skins" in the free version (the Pro adds large and extra large).

Time can be displayed as 12 hour, 24 hour, or 24 hour with seconds. A nice touch is the display of the Zulu / GMT time offset in each clock other than your home clock. Clocks "dock" or "snap" to each other so for engineers or straight line freaks like me, you can make everything line up nicely and look tidy.

In the free version, the clocks on the desktop are have no automatic always-on-top setting, but if you have more than a few clocks, always on top might be rather limited in usefulness.

The Pro version adds some other features, like the ability to attach a note, see what the time will be in other locations by setting a base time for a selected location, set repeatable alarms for different times in each city, and set the level of transparency of each clock, but the free version is pretty good enough for most average users.

Besides the desktop version, it has a free mobile version for the iPhone. In a browser, you can also head to the developer's website, mouse over the map or type in the name of a city to check out its local time.

Overall, I really like Qlock, it is quick to load, easy to use, and looks good.

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