Qihoo 360 Total Security


Qihoo 360 Total Security

This free antivirus is better than most commercial ones.


Our rating: 


Pros & Cons:

  • Totally free, light on resources, extremely fast scan times and pre-configuration protection modes
  • Smooth running installer with no adware, pleasing UI and comes with many themes
  • Fast updates/fixes and excellent customer service with immediate replies
  • Great signatures with multiple engines and in-house cloud protection
  • Web protection addon, browsing locking, webcam, sandbox and usb protection modules
  • Online shopping protection, malicious URL protection and network threat blocking
  • Includes Glasswire Firewall and Windows patch-up components
  • Great detection rates, with very high zero day protection
  • Speedup and clean-up tools might not be for everyone (not present in Essentials version)
  • Bitdefender or Avira engines not enabled by default
  • Might encounter few false positives
  • PUP [Potentially Unwanted Programs] detection needs to improve

Our Review:

Qihoo rose to prominence in the recent years for all the right and wrong reasons. Nevertheless for a free product it just did splendidly well in my tests, earning the top recommendation for this year.

Protection Modes: You can switch Qihoo to work in 3 different protection modes: Performance, Balanced and Security modes. You may choose to enable or disable various protection parameters

  1. Privacy protection
    • Webcam protection
    • Keylogger blocking
  2. Internet protection
    • Online shopping protection
    • Malicious website blocking
    • Downloaded file scan
  3. System protection
    • USB drive protection
    • Network threat blocking
    • Malicious behaviour blocking
    • File system protection
    • Registry protection
    • Scan file when saved
    • Scan file when opened
    • Use Bitdefender scan engine
    • Use Avira scan engine

Full Check: Provides you with a one click examine button for Speedup, Cleanup, Virus scan and Wifi security checks. Wifi security checks the password strength and checks for DNS security.

Virus Scan: 360TS has integrated 5 antivirus engines in one, the Cloud Scan engine, QVMII engine and System Repair engine all by Qihoo which are all present after product installation. The default engines work well if you are always connected online. Avira and BitDefender engines aren't enabled by default, simply hover on the their respective icons and clicking on the switch, will download their virus definitions and works well when you're offline. But first you need to enable these engines in the Protection tab to use their definitions. Like most antivirus protection, there's 3 different types of scan modes: Quick, Full and Custom scans. The Quick scan completes in 5 stages and covers your System settings, Common applications, Running processes, Start-up items and various Critical System files displaying each stage to the user as scan goes on.

Speed-up and Clean-up Tools: The security suite also provides you with a Speedup tool, for optimizing boot-up applications, system and application services, scheduled tasks and network parameters for faster browsing. There's also a Cleanup tool to save disk space on your PC by cleaning up the junks files, browser plug-ins and make your PC run efficiently. 

Tool Box: The Toolbox consists of various extra utilties, and shows the votes for most wanted features to be included in the ToolBox by the community. The Sandbox feature lets you run and test suspicious applications without compromising your system’s security. The Patch-up feature warns you about the various Microsoft Windows & Office, Adobe Flash, AIR, Reader & Acrobat as well as Java updates that you need to install and keep your computer safe. Other components include System backup cleaner, Brower protection, Router manager and a Firewall.

Firewall: Qihoo also bundles Glasswire firewall that acts as a stand-alone utility and although the firewall capabilities are pretty basic, it's an advanced network monitoring software. It can be enabled from the toolbox.


There are plenty of antivirus suites on the web and you might have your own favorites. But for a product that performs extremely well giving most other commercial antiviruses a run for it's money, it's hard not to try it and see the difference.

Qihoo 360 Total Security was reviewed by on based on version 8.2.


I recently had a question about a part of 360. I sent an email to their support address and got a response about ten days later(!!!). The response was a little more than gobbledygook so I sent a return email asking for a clarification. No response after a month. Hopefully other users will not run into problems.

Will 360TS work with Win XP?
I failed to find any mention of system requirements in either your evaluation and review or the 360 website.

Yes, 360TS works with Windows XP. I have installed it on my friend's system which is running XP.

be sure and completely read their Software License, Service Agreement, and
their Privacy Policy.....you'll be amazed!!