A high-quality CMS with a long and solid history.


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License: Free (Open source)
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High quality, long and solid history, good documentations.
Can't use shared hosting, demands a very capable webmaster, steep learning curve.

Our Review:

Plone is a high-quality CMS with a long and solid history. Huge progress in the last couple of years, as with many projects.

It can't use shared hosting as it needs an application server, Zope. Or more correctly, although Zope acts as middleware, Plone is essentially the skin+ for Zope. Another candidate for an easy to install enterprise solution.

As a LAN CMS there's nothing quicker to set up - but getting the best out of this old favorite demands a very capable webmaster. Novices have no chance as this has a very steep learning curve. Python coders at hand might also help, as that is the codebase. Lots of documents for this one due to its solid history, and good documentations make all the difference - a choice of several books.

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