Optical Illusions


Optical Illusions

Can You Count the Dark Dots?


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More than 90 different optical illusions in one app.
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Optical Illusions developed by SusaSoftX that has a good collection of more than 90 different optical illusions, covering classic as well as newly discovered images. On every image, the app helpfully gives you a brief description to guide you mostly on a likely perception against objective reality.

Optical illusions may be cognitive, literal or physiological. They comprise images that are perceived through the eyes and can be misinterpreted in the brain.

Despite your perception, the image on the top right does not contain any dark dots. To test it out, keep your eyes directly on a single intersection in the image, the dark dot does not exist; or move your eyes too close to or too far from the image, all dark dots disappear! This is one good example of optical or visual illusions that makes you see something different from what it really is.

If you happen to like any of the optical illusions, share it with friends and relatives from within this app conveniently. The app is absolutely free and fascinating to have, though it is supported by fairly unobtrusive ads.

Besides the versions for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone available for download from the links above, the iPad version is also available for download here.


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