Microsoft Time Zone


Microsoft Time Zone

Use this simple utility to keep track of the time in other part of the world


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Pros & Cons:

May be better received in Microsoft based corporate environments, small memory footprint at 4.1Mb.
Limited to only five times, no display until you click the system tray icon, "Find times in …" option does not remember previously selected cities.

Our Review:

Microsoft Time Zone is an option that might be more acceptable in most office environments where third party software is less tolerated on company computers, and freeware use is monitored or restricted by corporate desktop support standards and policies. It works well enough and is very simple to use, however what makes it not very useful to me is that it has a limit of only five time zones, and that all you see is a little icon in the system tray, which pops up a balloon showing your five time zones when you click the system tray icon.

A limited number of standard cities are available to choose from, but additional cities can be configured using the drop down list of Zulu / GMT offsets with some “clue cities” to help you choose the appropriate offset, at which you can customize the city name to suit your particular location.

There is also a “Find times in …” option which allows you to set your default location then choose up to four additional locations from drop down lists and have their times displayed. This is not much different than having the five clock limit, but the usefulness is diminished by the fact that every time you use it, all previous locations are cleared and you start over. Other than these features and limitations, it does what it is supposed to, but has nothing outstanding to recommend it.

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