Microsoft Expression Design


Microsoft Expression Design

A tool to build graphics for application user interfaces, the web or any other medium


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Pros & Cons:

Useful with Microsoft Office as it supports WMF and EMF file formats; Excellent manual; Slices ie parts of the drawing can be exported without the entire drawing.
No longer developed or supported.

Our Review:

Microsoft Expression Design development and support were ended in 2012 when Microsoft decided to incorporate other parts of the Expression suite into Visual Studio. It is not still very usable particularly if you are a heavy user of Microsoft Office features like WordArt.

Expression Design uses the same EMF files as WordArt. That is also why Expression Design lacks some features. Two examples are the limited text effects and limited shapes without a star. These features are provided through WMF and EMF file compatibility with the other Microsoft drawing tools.

The screen shot is doctored to show a design with the bottom half in wireframe mode and the bottom half in preview mode. In reality you get one or the other.

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