KeyNote NF


KeyNote NF

A powerful tree-type notebook with richtext editor and strong encryption


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License: Free (Open source)
Review & Alternatives: Best Free Outliner

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User friendly, multi-level notes, tabbed interface, richtext editor, strong encryption, per-file configurations, hidden nodes, alarms on nodes, multiple backups and more.
Single platform, inserting images in bmp and gif formats but jpg format surprisingly excluded.

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KeyNote NF (New Features) is a freeware program with a dedicated band of followers. While most software designers like to use the term user friendly, in this case it really applies. This is one of the few software programs that you can install and start using right away.

The application is a powerful outliner and information manager with a richtext editor supporting multi-level notes and an option for saving files with strong encryption. It allows you to mix freely all notes of different types including text, objects and images in a single file. Upon testing, I was able to add images in bmp and gif formats but jpg format was surprisingly not supported.

It also offers tabbed interface, WordWeb integration, per-file configurations and multiple backups. It is very useful to everyone for keeping all random pieces of information in a tree-like structure and that do not fit easily into task-specific applications such as word-processors, databases or spreadsheets.

KeyNote NF was originated from Marek Jedlinski's KeyNote and redeveloped by Daniel Prado with more functionalities, which include checkboxes on children of selected nodes, hidden notes, alarms on nodes, multi-language support, Unicode compliance and some other improvements.

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It appears to be portable (just place in a folder and run it from there)

Regarding files size when inserting images.
I used PicPick to snapshot the top of this page (single page not scrolled)
I saved it as gif, which PicPick allows
It was tiny 0.07 mb
I allowed the Keynote program to import the gif file.
The size of the saved file went from 0.0 mb to 5.7 mb
I added another node, and did a paste into it
It is now 11.54 mb
I would recommend any members wishing to be saving many images, avoid this program