Image Analyzer


Image Analyzer

A small image editor aimed at photographers


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Pros & Cons:

The most advanced free image editor for photographic processing; Transforms not found in other free software; Exif data; Plug-ins; Scripts; Multi-language.
Not easy to understand - basic users should avoid it; Far from the best for general image editing.

Our Review:

Michael Vinther's Image Analyzer is small image editor that is also squarely aimed at photographers rather than artists and designers. There are paint tools and layers but the power of Image Analyzer is in the photographic features. I was delighted when I saw what it could do. It has camera and scanner support, scripting, broad color model support, advanced transformations that I haven't seen in any of the other free programs, and plug-in support to extend its capabilities even further. While GIMP and other recommended editors have plug-in support they use them to provide the sort of features which Image Analyzer has built-in.

I'll give you one easily understood example of a feature not found in many image editors - see the screen-shot. An RGB image has three colors Red, Green, and Blue. Image Analyzer, like a couple of other editors, can split those out into separate images each in its own window. Then you can work on each color channel image, create layers and assign each channel to its own layer, paint or whatever. When you have finished editing then you can simply combine them all back into an RGB image. The same applies for the other color models such as CMY(K) and HSI.

On the downside it needs better documentation. Although the online help is very good it is only on the website. The interface could be easier to use, e.g. why is the Layers feature hidden on the Window menu rather than having it more visible. I could list many more such quibbles so I hope that Image Analyzer collects a lot of donations and other support because it would benefit from more polish.

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