How to Check if a Website has been Affected by Heartbleed


A very severe security problem with widespread implications for the entire web has been revealed. Here are sites with information about Heartbleed and ways to check if websites that you use might have been vulnerable.

    Site to check if an URL is currently safe
  2. The Heartbleed Bug
    FAQ with information about Heartbleed
  3. List of vulnerable websites from the Alexa top 10000
    Compiled by "dberkholz" using the first link in this list
  4. LastPass Heartbleed checker
    This site from a well-known password manager provides a site checker with more information than the first link in this list.
  5. SSL Server Test
    Another URL tester

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Thanks for this. The free Lastpass password organizer has a check to quickly see if any domains in your saved sites was compromised and then will check all email addresses in your account. Mine only came up with Adobe, which I already knew and was just a mailing list (no login)so we are ok.
However I will go through this list and look for the suggested chrome extension also
Thanks for posting this

There is a Chrome extension by Jamie Hoyle, based on Fillipo Valsorda's work (#1 above), that let's you check a website just by visiting it. A customizable pop-up informs you of any Heartbleed vulnerability plus other info.

EDIT: @Rick Grunwald - Pardon my omission. :-(
Chrome extension - ChromeBleed 1.1.1