Haven & Hearth


Haven & Hearth

An Indie game known for its stunningly beautiful 2D graphics


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Pros & Cons:

Multiplayer, good community, simplistic.
Some people dislike the 2D graphics style, not traditional sandbox.

Our Review:

Haven & Hearth (H&H) is an Indie game, which is known for its stunningly beautiful 2D graphics. The game is thought of as an out-of-the-box Sandbox (pathetic pun) MMORPG.

In H&H, what you see is developed by some guy who spends his entire career making maps. You have the capability to alter the world around you. Individuals, and communities, can morph and craft a village, looting the land around them for resources.

Unlike most sandbox MMORPGs, you will become attached to your character. Death isn't measured in an EXP loss, but a loss of an entire portfolio.

Not to mention it is free forever.

The software client runs on Windows, Linux and Mac with Java Runtime Environment installed.

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