An effective grammar checker identifying more than 400 types of writing issues.


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License: Free (Limited features)
Website: Grammarly

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User-friendly, support multiple platforms, check hundreds of common mistakes.
Advanced grammatical checks available only with a premium account.

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Grammarly is a user-friendly grammar checker and a good platform for enhancement in English language writing.

Powered by its artificial intelligence, Grammarly checks your text for over 400 types of common writing issues, including grammatical errors, contextual spelling mistakes, subject-verb agreements, article uses, modifier placements, punctuation corrections and more.

Upon checking your work, it gives short and clear explanations for every correction and suggestions for better writing. What’s more, it provides weekly progress reports to keep you on the ball.


Office Add-in, Browser Extension and Grammarly Keyboard

With Grammarly, you are not confined to a desktop only as it works everywhere across multiple platforms and devices. It has a native app for Windows and Mac OS, an add-in to Microsoft Office, an extension to all supported major browsers and a mobile app known as Grammarly Keyboard for Android and iOS.

Grammarly Keyboard integrates well with other apps on your mobile device. It checks for mistakes as you type from the keyboard or paste text into a note-taking or word processing app.

With a normal account, you can use it freely to check for critical grammatical and spelling mistakes. However, to get advanced checks with more features, you will need a premium account that can set you back a few dollars a month.

Either using Grammarly or Grammarly Keyboard, it helps reduce mistakes and improve your writing. That said, no automated proofreader apps are flawless and totally perfect. It is essential to allow a human proofreader to check your work once more after using any of these apps.


Get A Second Pair of Eyes to Proofread Your Writing For Free

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The Firefox add-on installed OK, but was missing features unless you set up a free account and give them your email address.
They also have access to everything you type. Passwords? May also be tracking and placing ads.

It's always a good idea to read the privacy policy instead of second guessing what any particular vendor might be doing with customer data. In this case, the data usage is pretty standard and the receipt of advertising related emails can be disabled if required. MC - Site Manager.

I've been using Grammarly for about six months and, other reservations regarding Grammarly's access to your text aside, am sold on it. I especially like the checks it performs in addition to spelling. I find that after using the program I then run another spell check (Using WPS Writer) and usually find a couple of things Grammarly's spell checker missed. The two together work better than any other combination of free programs I have tried.