Google Desktop


Google Desktop

Search your hard drive files and web history conveniently from a deskbar or sidebar.


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Pros & Cons:

Google sidebar and gadgets. Just type a few letters or words into the search box and your top results pop up instantly. Indexes and searches multiple email programs.
Google sidebar and gadgets. Large resource utilization. Difficult to remove once installed. Does not appear to work with Outlook 2010. No longer being developed.

Our Review:

Google Desktop is another option to not only search your hard drive files but also your web history. It offers an Outlook toolbar, integrated Gmail search and a novel desktop sidebar that allows personalized search, news, weather, photos and more.

The Sidebar also includes a quite effective application launcher. Some folks love the Sidebar but others, me included, find it intrusive.

My main problem with Google Desktop is again the presentation of email search results which is even poorer than Copernic. This is not an academic point. For many users, searching email is the number one application for desktop search programs so you need a product that performs well in this area.

Google released the last version of Google Desktop 5.9;, which is lighter and faster. In addition to supporting 64 bit Windows systems, Google Desktop supports browsers as well like Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer depending on the version you use.

On the flip side, Google Desktop does not appear to index pst files in conjunction with Outlook 2010.

Note: Google Desktop is no longer in development but you still can get it from a third party website to try it out.

Google Desktop was reviewed by on based on version 5.9.