A productivity tool to encourage you to stay focused on work and reduce phone addiction.


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License: Free (Limited features)

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Easy and simple to use, help cultivate healthy habits and prevent phone overuses.
Some useful features such as planting a real tree are only available in the paid-for version.

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Forest is a productivity tool to encourage you to stay focused on work, pay attention to companions and less look down on a smartphone.

To start off with the app, drag a dot around the circle to determine a time duration ranging from 10 minutes to 2 hours, then tap the Plant button to start counting down and let the plant grow. While the tree is growing up, the app shows some encouraging words, such as “Go back to your work!”, “Don’t look at me!”, “Stay focused!” and so on.

The plant withers if you swipe out the app before counting down to zero in order to check your social media posts and messages or the likes.

By keeping the tree growing, the app helps you focus on your work or anything else than on your smartphone. It gives you a timeline to check back the history about how often you have successfully planted a tree or killed a bush.

For each successful attempt, you are rewarded with virtual coins, and you can double them by watching an ad. The virtual coins you earned can be used for planting a real tree though public charity Trees for the Future. But sadly, you will need to upgrade to a paid-for premium version to be able to plant a real tree, alongside some other features that are locked with a free account.

Some basic settings, such as Keep the Screen on, Sound Effect, Countdown notification, Counting exceeded time and Clear history, are available for free. You can also answer a phone call through the notification area without leaving the app provided it is set to stay in the foreground.


Plant a tree and stay focused

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