Firefox Extension of the Week (Stop Downloading! View Any Document Online!)


Jul 12 - Jul 18

7 is my lucky number and this is the seventh extension that I am featuring here. Lucky you surfers, this time we have an extension that works well across all the major web browsers. (sorry no IE support). This extension is a handy tool for all the users who browse the internet to view different kinds of documents. Unfortunately, most of the browsers cannot open files like pdf, odp, doc, ppt, odt, rtf and many other files within its interface directly, but instead you'll have to download them. sad Fortunately, this extension saves the day! 


gPDF is an extension that combines the power of Zoho Viewer and Google Docs Viewer to view almost all kinds of documents available online, directly within your web browser. 
gPDF works by automatically setting links that are pointing to RTF, ODT, ODS, ODP, CSV files to open with Zoho Viewer; and links pointing to PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT & PPTX files to open with Google Docs. This means that you don't need to install separate and bloated Adobe Reader, Open Office, Microsoft Office software to view each of these documents. 
There are various advantages associated with this extension. Firstly, you don't need to install potentially vulnerable tools like local pdf readers such as Adobe Reader, instead you can view the files remotely without ever downloading them. enlightened gPDF connects to Google Docs Viewer and Zoho Viewer via secured HTTPS connection, so you're safe from any exploits. 
Secondly, the documents open very fast just like viewing another web page, no waiting for completion of download or copy-pasting links into online document viewers. Apart from a full screen view implementation, there are links to EDIT and SAVE the files in your Google Docs or Zoho account.
No more wasting time to open a lot of documents while surfing online! No No No more Downloading! 
Opera - gPDF

Happy Viewing! See you next week...smiley

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