Firefox Extension of the Week (Readability)


Mar 21 - Mar 27

Firefox has thousands of extensions in its gallery. If you can imagine Firefox browser as a racing car, then having extensions is like customizing the nitrous purge, hydraulics, spinners, doors, trunk audio, split hoods and even add paint to your exhaust, spoiler, roof scoop etc. Thus buying parts, upgrading performance and changing the looks, makes your car to come "alive". 

Here, we are going to feature a Firefox extension every week, to customize your browser according to your needs and make it more powerful and mean. smiley


Do you experience discomfort, when you read a webpage cluttered with ads all around the page? Or do you wish to remove all the background elements of the page, except for the content that you're reading? Well, you have a savior here! laugh

Readability provides you with the finest experience for reading webpages online, when it turns your webpage for comfortable and cleaner reading, right within your browser. You can now view multipage articles within a single page, as well as take printouts of the article directly, without all the background clutter.
You can mark favorites and save your articles for later reading while offline. Configure the appearance of your page, the font, font color, size etc. Finally you can share the article through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. You're one click away from the best reading experience. wink
Privacy: If you wish to avoid Typekit collecting aggregate information, then do not use Athelas and Inverse themes.
Chrome: Evernote Clearly . Readability also works on Chrome
Opera: CleanPages
Not supported on your browser? Use Readability as a bookmarklet on your favorite browser

Enjoy! See you next week...smiley


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