Find Information on How To Delete Accounts on Various Sites Quickly and Easily


Sometimes, we feel the need to delete an account on a site. This can be for many reasons... we don't like the site, we don't use the site anymore, or for any other reason. But often, it can be a pain finding out how to delete the account, because the site owners do not always make it easy to find the link for account deletion.

In this article, three sites are being shared which provide information and links for deleting accounts from various popular sites, like Facebook, Hotmail, Twitter, Google, etc, so that we do not have to hunt around for them anymore.

This site has a huge list of sites, listed all on the homepage as one big list.

You can search for a site quickly from the search box.

Alphabetical list can be seen by clicking on A-Z link.

The sites are marked in four categories and also color coded as, Easy, marked in green, in which the process for account deletion is simple. Medium, marked in yellow, in which some extra steps are involved. Hard, marked in red, in which deletion requires contacting customer services of the site. And finally, Impossible, marked in black, in which as the name suggests, deletion of the account is not possible.

List of sites in these individual categories can be seen by clicking on the Difficulty link.

The site also provides a Chrome extension, which when installed, will add a small dot to the omnibar, clicking on which will take you to the relevant delete page.

This site also contains information from a huge number of sites.

Search box is provided for quick search of a site.

Alphabetical list of sites is also provided, which can be accessed by clicking on "ALL SITES".

The sites are marked in three categories, namely, whitelisted, blacklisted, and greylisted sites, colorcoded in their respective colors.

The whitelisted sites are the ones which allow you to delete your account from their site, without much trouble.

The blacklisted sites are the ones which do not allow you to delete your account. Means, once you open an account there, you can't delete it.

The greylisted sites are the ones, in which some amount of effort is required to delete the account, like sending requests in mails.

You can also suggest a site to them, to include in their list.

The site also provides a bookmarklet to check a site.

Although it does not have a list as huge as the first site, but still, it provides useful information about account deletion on popular sites.

Sites can be searched from the search box provided, or, can also be searched from the links provided alphabetically, letter-wise. The whole list can be simply seen by clicking on link marked "(all)".

Wherever possible, they also provide information on how to retrieve your account back after deletion, in case you change your mind.

I hope you find this information useful, and will help in finding information about deleting an account from a site quickly and easily, and will also help in preserving your privacy and content on various sites, from where you want your account to be deleted.

If you know of such similar sites, please share, and they will be included here.

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New site added to the list.

When a site won't let me delete me account, I usually log in and change the basic account information to something silly, and I always change my email address to something like It becomes their problem after that.

Great info as always, thanks again!

Any advice for sites that allow you to sign up for newsletters without creating an account but then will not allow you to unsubscribe without creating an account first (like PC Advisor)?

Sorry, can't offer help in that area. I didn't even knew such practices existed. That's really weird, and not a good practice. Why should you need an account to unsubscribe, when you didn't need one to subscribe. Nowadays, sites practice all kinds of strange behaviors.

In the case of the site I mentioned, I think it is either simply to discourage you from unsubscribing or, worse, to try to extract additional personal info under the guise of unsubscribing. I've marked them as spam to keep them out of the inbox but would like to get rid of them altogether.

I looked up, and saw similar complaints on their forum dating back to 2005, and also read one of 2011, with no answer provided. Seems like this is an old issue, and they are not willing to change it. Really bad practice I should say. According to the forum posts, the email seems to have an unsubscribe link towards at the end, but the actual link is not there, just the text. Apart from writing to them, I can't think of what else you can do in such situation. There should be an internet consumer court for these kinds of things.

The link is "Should you no longer wish to receive this newsletter, please #update your preferences#"

Perhaps making it difficult to unsubscribe keeps the numbers up making it more attractive to advertisers and increasing revenue potential. (Cynical - me?)

You might not be wrong about revenue. Seems ironical, that there site has got articles on privacy, and their own practice is not good in that area. Writing to them might be worth a try.

Judging by what you saw in their forum I'd be wasting my time writing to them - I'll just leave it to the filter to deal with the newsletters.

Thank you for your interest though, Anupam.

My pleasure :).

The concept is great, and I appreciate the article and knowing that these two sites exist. The down side is that there are thousands of sites these two places don't list, and there's no way to do a generic 'de-list me from all sites' type of removal.

I'd rather be taken off every site, and then add myself back in to the few sites I still want to be listed on. Sort of like the "Do Not Track Me" phone list, where you can be delisted everywhere, and then add back in the few sites you do want to have call you. I'm a lot more judicious about which sites I want to have accounts on than when I first went online.

All very nice BUT:
When I click on Accountkiller's Blacklisted Sites button I get ONE page of twenty sites, no scroll button, no Next Page or anything similar. Identical behavior in IE and FF.

Checking the All Sites list there are way more than twenty blacklisted sites.

What gives?

Good observation... it's the same for me too. I think they only list the popular 20 sites on those links. It's the same for the popular sites, and whitelisted sites. And they list all in All Sites, but really they should list out all the sites for a particular section, as it can give the wrong impression. That's a bit shabby.

There's an alphanumeric scale top and bottom of the first page.

Excellent article, thank you very much. I had no idea that such sites even existed until I read this.

Thanks, and welcome :). And yes, the idea behind this article was to make people aware of these sites, and about the information easily available there.
Nice one. I especially like Account Killer for its list of sites that will not let you delete an account. thanks Steve
Thanks :). Yea, I too like AccountKiller because of that.