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FileHippo App Manager

A software update checker that is fast and very easy to use


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Easy to use, direct download links, customize search space.
Database limited to software on, sometimes poor software detection.

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FileHippo App Manager, previously known as Update Checker, is fast and very easy to use, but detects only a limited number of programs (probably adequate for most users).

It scans quickly and takes you to a webpage that provides a list of the programs it detected and links to the FileHippo download page for the new software. It also allows you to decide whether or not to view Beta software.

In order to detect portable software, you have to add the folder in which the program resides to the custom search space. This makes it slower, and it still doesn't detect all software. Instead it detects only the software that's available on the FileHippo website.

However, the application does allow multiple folders of portable software to be added to the custom search space, thereby potentially reducing the search space and speeding up the search.

Beware though, there have been unconfirmed reports of the application presenting problems to those users that have a non-English version of Windows installed. Further feedback regarding this problem would be appreciated.

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I just installed the latest version - beta 4. Scan completed, 3 applications to update. Unfortunately, when I clicked at tab "Installed Applications" program hang up (irresponsible). Only one way close it. Application did not updated more 1 yr ago.

At the end of June (2019), the FH app that runs on my different W10 and W7 systems (and has on all of my systems for most of the past 15 years) began not finding any new updates, and when I actually looked at their "latest" software updates page it had not been changed since June 28th. After some digging, I discovered that the owner (Well Known Media) had apparently closed shop and their web domain ( registry had expired. It's unclear whether FH remains viable or is now a zombie website that will go dark when its domain registry also expires, or will be resurrected if and when WKM is able to sell its asset to someone else. There are some news items in their site with dates in July, so that minimal activity makes me slightly hopeful it will return to functionality, but no guarantee.

So, for the time being I'm looking for a good (and trustworthy) replacement while reverting to the cumbersome old methods from a couple of decades back. If you were thinking about installing the FH app, I'd wait.