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Transfer files across platforms and devices, automatic discovers connected devices, easy to use.
Must work in the foreground, no support in in a web browser.

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This competent app Dukto automatically discovers the devices connected to the same network without needing you to worry about users, permissions, passwords, platforms, clients, servers, protocols or any other deep settings that most average users are often unfamiliar with.

To send some data to another device, simply choose a buddy from the list in this app and select what you want to do next, either send some text, files or folders. On a PC running the app, you can also drag-and-drop files and folders onto a connected buddy. Sending text from the clipboard proves to be even more straightforward.

No other transfer app we've tested is as simple and convenient for use as this.

The only thing required is to get this free app, which needs to run on both devices before transferring data between them. On mobiles, it needs to run in the foreground for it to work as tested on the Android and iOS.

Dukto is an open source project and designed for use on trusted LANs. It has been developed and ported, with look-alike app icons, to support multiple platforms, including mobile operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows and BlackBerry, and desktop operating systems like Windows, OS X and Linux. Unfortunately you can't get it to work in a web browser as no web platform is supported so far.


Dukto - Free Mobile App of the Week

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Maybe Samsung gremlins managed to thwart it

What problems did you face? I have found Dukto to be the easiest apps to transfer files over wifi.