DrawPlus Starter Edition


DrawPlus Starter Edition

A drawing and graphics program enables you to create vector graphics and more


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License: Free (Limited features)
Review & Alternatives: Best Free Vector Graphics Editor

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Easy to use and surprisingly powerful; Create vector graphics, family trees, room layouts, brochures, design documents, and even web animations; Part of a family of free products.
Registration is required with an active email address so you can receive confirmation emails; There is no resume support for the download so consider whether you can download 100MB without your connection failing; The restricted features can be annoying. No longer supported by the developer.

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DrawPlus Starter Edition (SE) is a drawing and graphics program that enables you to create vector graphics, family trees, room layouts web animations, brochures, and ISO format drawings. It is one of a suite of products that I have had many positive experiences with. Of them all DrawPlus SE is my favourite and in my latest tests I had a lot of fun with it. I had so much fun that I forgot that this software is feature-limited. I soon remembered whenever I tried to use a feature that is not available in the free version. In each case a window appears with suggestions to upgrade to get the restricted feature. This gets tedious over time particularly when the feature that you want is restricted as indicated by a light red fill on buttons or light red bands for menu options: filter effects, shape connectors, 3D effects, colour management, saving as PDFs, and so on. This still leaves more than half the features available so DrawPlus SE is competitive with most other editors.

Unlike some other users, I'm not bothered that the free program is a major version older (four years) than the paid version - developers are entitled to make a living and I'm just thankful that their products are available for free. You have to register with an active email account so you can receive the product activation code which is required for all versions including the free version.

Again, like Inkscape, the website has also improved. You won't need much when you first start it because the Startup Wizard will guide you when you need it the most, at the start. The Startup Wizard provides a wide range of templates to help with creating files "from scratch". However, this is where you meet the first and perhaps most important restriction that documents are limited to one page so you lose the benefit of many of the multi-page templates. Even so I recommend DrawPlus SE because it is more accessible than Inkscape and it should appeal even to basic users.

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