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XE Currency

Whenever you need to exchange your local currency into a foreign currency for travelling or remitting monies overseas, you will need to ask for an exchange rate.

Exchange rates quoted by banks and money changers can be quite different. The spread between the buy and sell price for a currency can be wide or narrow. It is a wise move to shop around for the best exchange rate if the difference in rates can have quite an impact on your wallet.

Many foreign exchange tools and services are available online but one of the most updated and reliable resources is, which is a Canadian-based company best known for its currency converter app offering live exchange rate information and services.

Check out its app XE Currency, which offers live currency rates and charts for more than 180 currencies in the world, updated every minute. It is free and available on multiple mobile platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows and BlackBerry besides the web version.

XE CurrencyXE Currency




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For Windows, it is only available for 8.1 and 10, not for e.g. Windows 7.