Apply filters and effects with a preview before you snap a photo


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Edit photos before they are snapped with the camera; special effects, filters and tools.
Doesn't seem to have a simple 'undo changes' feature in the app.

Our Review:

A little different from other image editors in my review, Camera360 has a camera app which allows you to apply filters and effects with a preview before you snap a photo.

That said, not all filters and effects are available to apply before you take a photo but a good number are, like tilt-shift, colour-shift and funny effects such as fish eye filter and mirror image filters.

If you wish to edit an existing image you will have many more options available. Some of the effects include magic skin, retro, black and white, and filters that blur an image so it looks like a dream shot from a 1940's film.

The app has a colour picker tool for you to choose a colour from an image and turn other colors into black and white, and a collage tool to make collages of a number of images. It's a quick way to make photos look special especially when used with other filters.

More fun tools are also included, such as the 'huge head' tool which gives the subject of your photo a big head, or even a ghost filter to add a spooky ghost to your image, the first time I've ever come across when reviewing image editors.

Besides sharing your photos through other social network sites, you can also make use of the Camera360 cloud service to access and share your photos. The choice is yours.

In addition to the Android and iOS versions, Camera360 has a Windows version called Camera360 Sight and a web app for online image editing on any web browser.

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