Amazingly simple but powerful caculator software


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Pros & Cons:

Small file, flexible tape, easy features, detailed help file.
Limited keypad/scientific options.

Our Review:

Calcute is amazingly simple but powerful software, which performs basic or scientific calculations. I like the small in file size and small footprint.

The tape can be expanded, and allows for live edits. The keypad has a back button, clear button and undo button.

The lack of a typical menu bar confused me at first. I found the menu by clicking the icon in the top-left corner of the window. From there you can set the number format and preferences for the button size, font, window on top, group digits, comma decimal mark, etc.

You can move the window around on the desktop by dragging the hatched area next to the icon. Calcute does have a help file Calcute.chm in your install folder, unlike many other calculator programs.

If you're not looking for complete scientific options, try out this tiny, compact yet flexible calculator.

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