Build detailed views of stellar fields for professional and amateur astronomers.


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Pros & Cons:

Great index. Many images in separate viewer. With internet connection can download images from sky surveys of the area in the viewer. Ephemerides for planets, sun, moon, comets, and asteroids. Animated ecliptic view of the sun, planets, asteroids, and comets. Telescope controls.
No satellites, e.g. no International Space Station.

Our Review:

C2A (also known as "Computer Aided Astronomy") was fairly easy to use. Its index is second only to SkyChart in thoroughness. There are several additional catalogs for download.

There are a lot of images included with the program. Unlike several of the other planetarium programs, the images are viewed through a separate window in the image browser. If there is an Internet connection, the program can download images from either the ESO or the STScl sky surveys for display in either the image viewer or directly in the planetarium field of view.

I liked the data section to the left of the planetarium window with details about the object on display. I liked the ability to move forward or back through recent views and the ability to bookmark views.

C2A has an ephemeris generator which can generate tables for the sun, planets, moon, comets and asteroids between any two dates. There are also tools to generate trajectories of planets, asteroids and comets between any two dates. One tool shows the moon phases for the entire month. The Ecliptic View tool displays an animated view of the solar system with comets and asteroids.

C2A can control a computerized telescope mount.

C2A was reviewed by on based on version 2.0.41.