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Everyone has an answering machine right? If not they probably have voicemail provided by their cell phone carrier, voip carrier or telephone company right? Well maybe.

If you don't currently have voicemail there are many reasons you might want to consider setting up this service including if you're:

  • Living with your parents or with a bunch of roomies and you never get messages when people call or you just want some privacy
  • Trying to live on a pay as you go wireless plan or restricted minutes on your cell phone
  • Collaborating with a group and want shared access to a common voicemail box
  • Tired of having to call into access numbers and enter passwords from your phone
  • Wanting a dedicated voicemail for job hunting or any other reason you might want to categorize or prioritize the messages you listen to
  • Without a voice memo feature on your cell phone
  • Having lots of great ideas on different subjects and want to categorize your thoughts
  • Constantly on the go or spend a lot of time driving and want to dictate voice messages you can later email to people.

If you answered yes to any of these, and don't mind a USA based number then you are in luck since there are a number of internet services that provide FREE voicemail.


Rated Products

K7 Unified Messaging  

A web-based unified messaging system channels your free voicemail and fax messages directly to your e-mail.

Our Rating: 
License: Free (Limited features)
Customized greeting, automatically sent to email.
Local USA based number, limited to 20 messages, if no activity in 30 days number automatically disconnected, supported by advertising and long distance charges will apply to leave messages.
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Other Voicemail Services

  • Laser Voicemail provides an easy setup of a private voicemail number. Setup and all access is done on the phone so a PC or web access is not even required once you have the setup instructions. It's easy to use and allows custom greetings. Since it is a phone only based system there is no website and no way to be notified of any new messages and you can't save your voicemails. You are limited to only 20 messages (it will just drop off the oldest when a new message arrives) and you must access your mailbox at least once every seven days or it will be deleted.

    With all the services in this category the biggest drawback is that it is limited to USA based phone numbers and long distance calls will be required for people to leave you messages and you will get an obscure area code.

  • used to be my top pick in this category for setting up an unlimited number of "boxes" with a unique descriptive url. You get your very own voice mail box where a mp3 of the message is available moments after the call has ended. However, this service is no longer being used after it was acquired by Facebook in 2010.



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K7 dot net closed its service in 2016.

Also could not find laser voicemail so they may have closed down also.

Could not find any FREE alternatives :(

Youmail is a great. Lots of cool features and works with my AT&T voicemail. I think it works with most carriers.

It so very good