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Sandbox games are games that have no particular objective. It's up to you what to do, and you can be as creative as you want. In general, no competition is needed between you and other players or the computer, nor are specific skills or speedy reactions needed. Therefore, this genre of game is suitable for all people. Just play around and have fun!

Build towers in Bontago; create and destroy things with many different ingredients in Powder Game; create villages with friends in Wurm Online; build a house for your 2D self in Haven & Hearth. Hope that you enjoy the games reviewed here, or give your suggestion below if you come across a better one.


Rated Products

Wurm Online  

You will spend hours playing this beautiful RPG game

Our Rating: 
License: Free
Great graphics, multiplayer and good community.
Controls are a bit hard to get used to; complex.
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Haven & Hearth  

An Indie game known for its stunningly beautiful 2D graphics

Our Rating: 
License: Free
Multiplayer, good community, simplistic.
Some people dislike the 2D graphics style, not traditional sandbox.
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Dwarf Fortress  

Fond memories of 1980s / 1990s gaming

Our Rating: 
License: Free
Addictive, in alpha so a lot of updates and features on the way.
Looks pretty darned poor (visually), complex.
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Powder Game  

An entertaining game with over 30 different ingredients to create very interesting things

Our Rating: 
License: Free
Many ingredients and objects, great for coffee breaks.
Small playfield. Very Simplistic.
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A 3D real-time strategy and sandbox game with blocks

Our Rating: 
License: Free
Tower-building fun, multiplayer mode.
Controls are a little hard to get used to.
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Honorable Mentions

  • Minecraft Classic - Although Minecraft itself is not free, it has its own little game; built to play in a browser. This is played Single-Player or Multi-Player. However, the downside is that it is an extremely outdated version (for free) and for better game play you need to pay for the full Minecraft Beta. If you have not tried Minecraft then head over there now.

  • SandboxGameMaker - This is not actually a game; however, if you are interested in actually making your own Sandbox game then this is probably the site to do so.

  • BlockLand - Blockland is an online multi-player game where you build things with bricks. It's like playing with Lego albeit on the computer; free and actually fun.


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Endless Sky - a space exploration and combat game ("... Playing through the story takes about 8-16 hours, but you can also ignore it and treat this like a sandbox game ..."):


Freeminer is a Minecraft-inspired sandbox game:

OpenClonk is a free multiplayer action game in which you control clonks, small but witty and nimble humanoid beings. The game is mainly about mining, settling and fast-paced melees:

Unturned is a sandbox game in the emerging multiplayer apocalypse survival genre:

"... Voxelands is a sandbox construction game based on Minetest, which was inspired by earlier "voxel world" games such as Infiniminer. Gameplay puts players in a fully destructible 3D game world where they can place and dig numerous types of blocks, items and creatures using a variety of tools. Inside the game world players can build structures, artworks and anything else their creativity can think of on multiplayer servers and singleplayer worlds across multiple game modes ...":
Brick-Force is a sandbox shooter where you can build the worlds and maps you've always dreamed of, brick by brick:
Minetest is an infinite-world block sandbox game and a game engine, inspired by InfiniMiner, Minecraft and the like: