Access and manage your Android devices wirelessly from Windows, Mac or the Web


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Transfer files between PC and mobile devices, use a PC to access and interact with your mobile wirelessly.
Limited quota for remote file transfer.

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AirDroid gives you two ways to transfer files between your PC and Android mobile:

A. If your PC can access Wi-Fi:

  1. Run the app on your mobile, tap “Hotspot” and "Start Hotspot" to get a Network SSID (like AndroidAP) and password;
  2. Connect your PC to the mobile via the above Wi-Fi hotspot network with the password;
  3. Enter the url (like in your PC browser.

You can then access your mobile from your PC browser and transfer files between the two devices.

B. If your PC can't access Wi-Fi:

  1. Connect your mobile to your PC with a USB cable;
  2. Run the app on your mobile, tap "Tethering" and "Enable" to enable USB tethering;
  3. Enter the url (like in your PC browser.

You can then similarly transfer files from your PC to your mobile or vice versa. This is particularly useful when the file manager on your PC fails to detect files on your mobile via a USB connection.

In addition to a desktop client, AirDroid allows you to use your PC browser as a web platform to remotely access your mobile’s files and you do not need additional software to install on your PC, either running in Windows, Mac, Linux or Chrome OS. Neither do you need to have an external Wi-Fi network or Internet connection if you just need to transfer files locally using either of the above methods.

Update: The latest version of AirDroid has added "Nearby" and "Friends" features for file transfer.

The "Nearby" feature of the app discovers nearby devices that use AirDroid on the same network, thus making transfer of files between the devices easier.

“Friends” is an extended feature for “Nearby”. You can send files to any friend via AirDroid even he or she does not share the same network with you. Friends can be added via email invitation or directly from a nearby device.

On the downside, the app has set a quota for free remote file transfer at 200 MB per month.


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