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How to Stay Safe While Online


With the amount of malware currently prowling the internet it's very important to fully protect your computer from online dangers. This is important for everyone, not just the overly security conscious. Below I've compiled advice for both novice users and more advanced users. Trust me, there's something for everyone.

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5/23/2014-Fixed some links and added link to Best Free Antivirus Software article.

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Gizmo's Guide to Securing Your PC

In today's climate what is the best approach to avoiding getting your PC infected with malware? Gizmo lays out some simple steps you can take to ensure viruses, trojans, keyloggers and other nasties don't take control of your PC

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How to Surf More Securely


With the number of hostile websites increasing every day surfing has become a much more risky activity. In this article Gizmo shows you two different ways to increase your surfing safety. Additionally he explains how to configure all your programs that use the internet, to work more safely.

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