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I'm convinced that short-term predictions of when to trade stocks are best viewed for their entertainment value.

In the end, keep in mind the admonition of Niels Bohr, a Nobel laureate in Physics: "Prediction is very difficult, especially if it's about the future".

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I can't tell you if computerized buy and sell signals will help you achieve better results than a Magic 8-Ball could, but if you want a tool that is just as simple to use I can point you to GStock.

GStock differs from other technical analysis tools in that it uses a peer-to-peer grid to back test innumerable trading strategies and is very easy to use.  Just type in a stock symbol and you'll see if it's time to buy or sell. A free subscription lets you create a portfolio containing up to 100 stocks and get immediate email alerts when any of your portfolio stocks receive a Buy or Sell signal. A paid subscription gives you access to an easy to use stock picker and daily email alerts for stocks with buy or sell signals.

You can also download and install GStock Calculation Software if you want your computer to become part of their virtual supercomputer grid. It would be interesting to hear Cramer's review if GStock played Inspectd.


If you're looking for more traditional technical analysis software give SpiffyCharts a try. Note that while the program is free it does not support data importing so a data subscription is required to obtain up-to-date data, which is vital for technical analysis.

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Is a web service or web application
Uses a peer-to-peer grid to backtest innumerable trading strategies, easy and simple to use.
Access to a stock picker limited to paid subscription.
Feature limited freeware
GSTOCK Terms of Use states "GRIDSTOCK Inc. does not advise nor suggest what securities you should buy or sell, when you should buy or sell, or why you should buy or sell." Optional GStock Calculation Software: (Version 1.1, 381 KB, running in Windows)


Combines a web service with a stand-alone program
The program is free but it does not support data importing.
Data subscription is required to obtain up-to-date data.
9 MB
Unrestricted freeware
"Note To Windows and Linux Users: We regret that the differing interface requirements of Mac, Windows and Linux OS's has forced us to dropWindows and Linux versions for the foreseeable future" Other relevant information: Up-to-date data is currently provided by CSI, Dial Data, or MJK subscription services.

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