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Most browsers have a built-in bookmark manager allowing users to bookmark a webpage location and organize bookmarks into folders so that they are easier to find. Usually they also allow users to export bookmarks to a html file so that it can be imported into another browser. These are the basic bookmark functions provided by the browsers, lacking the useful features of a bookmark synchronizer.

A good and reliable bookmark synchronizer allows users to keep bookmarks identical across the browsers and computers for ease of surfing the Internet from everywhere.

Moreover, it helps organise bookmarks by identifying or removing the duplicates and merging two different lists of bookmarks easily into one complete and well-organized list.


Rated Products


A bookmark synchronizer with profiles and secure password syncing.

Our Rating: 
License: Free (Limited features)
Many features, auto sync, online bookmark manager, secure.
Sync occurs at shutdown (not asap).
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Tidy Favorites  

Provide you with a new tab page that displays visual bookmarks.

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License: Free
New tab page with visual bookmarks.
Need to be pro to sync.
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Other Bookmark Synchronizer

To be reviewed:

  • Syncmarx - a web browser extension developed by a former user of Xmarks to synchronize your bookmarks between browsers.
  • Bookmarks OS - Unlock the potential of bookmarks.

Experienced in the above or other related freeware products? You're welcome to share your valuable views in the comments at the end of this article.


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I downloaded Syncmarx for both Firefox and Chrome and couldn't figure out how to use it. No instructions anywhere that I could find.

I now use EverSync:
I've been using it ever since XMarks died, and it has been flawless. It's also free, which is super.
Just one minor drawback: it doesn't sync automatically; I need to tell it to sync when I've changed bookmarks/favorites.

Xmarks is gone. It always had problems synching between firefox and chrome.

Some sources recommend using the website as a browser homepage. It can import all your bookmarks.
PROBLEM: doesn't allow sub-folders. All my folders, both top and underlying, appear in one list.

As LastPass is now closing the doors on XMarks, it might be time to check out and report on alternatives. Gonna try EverSync first

Hi, as we all can see is this post old and outdated (when I write this post " Last update on 18th November, 2013 - 6:28am"), not only because it appears that Xmark is "broken" and not reliable any more, for various reasons (read more here , but is also missing other available products out there (Bookmarks OS, to mention one). I strongly suggest Gizmo's editor(s) to remove this review or clearly mark it as outdated. Thanks