How to Write Compelling Articles on Technical Topics


Foward from Gizmo: Over the years many writers have contributed articles to my newsletter but without doubt the most the most popular author has been Kim Brebach, AKA "Briard."

The secret to his success is that he writes in a way that is both informative and engaging. It's a rare skill so I was delighted when Kim told me he had written an article that shows others how to write in a way that communicates with the reader.

It's a long article but below is a short precis. The full  version is available as a PDF download from the link at the bottom of the precis.

How to Write Compelling Articles on Technical Topics

The internet has made it easy for people to publish their writings and ramblings. Websites have exploded in number and blogs have sprung up in their thousands like so many electronic soap boxes. The sad part is that most of the people writing for these new media can’t write for love or money.

Even sadder is the fact that many of the people who do write for money, the IT journos and techos, can’t write either. And even those few who can string a few words together aren’t given the time to show their best. These days, the emphasis is on quantity, not quality.

I’ve written many pieces for Gizmo to show that technical writing doesn’t have to be dull and boring. Many of you loved these long rants because they told stories in new and unusual ways. Briard worked hard to entertain his audience, and the audience appreciated it.

My day job is with Technoledge, where we help clients to write copy that is crisp, meaningful and easy to read. I've just published on our website a piece that I hope will help budding writers achieve this objective. On one level it's about writing better copy. On another, it's about saving the English language from certain death at the hands of the internet barbarians.

"The Words of Business, the Business of Words" examines common mistakes in current business writing and suggests remedies for them.

Anyone who writes articles on technical or business subjects will get something useful out of this first instalment. So will anyone with a website to maintain or anyone who produces brochures or presentations. If the interest warrants it, a second piece will follow.

Kim Brebach AKA "Briard"

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