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Default Microsoft forcing Windows apps now

Seems like Microsoft is forcing to use Windows apps now.

Today I saw that a new version of Skype was available. I went over to the Skype site, and a desktop version for Skype is available, which I downloaded, of 58.1 MB.

But, when I run it, it gives a message to install Skype from the Microsoft store for a better experience, and the setup never runs, and instead opens up a Microsoft store page in IE for Skype.

Why even provide a setup for desktop in first place, if they want to force users to use Skype from the Store?

I had the previous version of desktop version of Skype installed, and I ran it, and it also says to use latest Skype from Store, but does give the option to use the desktop version anyways.

I uninstalled that version to see if that might allow the latest version I downloaded to install somehow, but no, it doesn't. Had to install the Skype app from the Store, which I ain't much happy with. I somehow don't like the apps.

Atleast thankfully, I was able to download Skype from the store, while using a local account. If it had asked for a Microsoft account, I wouldn't have gone ahead with it.

Not happy about this forcing to use apps though.
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Microsoft pulls installer for “classic” Skype for Windows desktop app due to security issue;

Maybe this explains it, Anupam?
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deya, as always, thanks for the link. I don't know from where you get all that information .

But, no, that's not the reason. The article says that the security flaw was there in installer of Skype for versions 7.40 and lower. Whereas, I downloaded the installer for the latest version,

However, as I noticed in the comments, if you run this installer on Windows 10, it will ask you to use the app version of Skype, which is what happened with me. Someone posted that to bypass it, you have to run in Windows 7/8 compatibility mode for it to install the classic desktop version.

I think it will install just fine on Windows 7/8.

In the comments, users like me are also complaining about Microsoft forcing users to use the app version.
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This is something that's been around for some time.
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