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Last year I connected to the internet using Mozilla Firefox 45.0.1 with no add-ons.
More importantly, I used Windows XP Professional SP3 with no post-SP3 updates, no AV, and I relied on Windows Firewall which, in WinXP at least, is mediocre at best.

I did this for about a month and... no infection!
And yes, I'm sure about no infection. I scanned the WinXP partition from the Windows 7 partition (no files were in use) using Avast Antivirus and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

I am not the first or the last internet user to say: "Your internet behaviour is at least as important as your internet security."
And do not click on email attachments, or allow remote access to your PC, from unknown sources.

That said, a free AV doesn't cost you a cent.
Better to be safe than sorry.

Disclaimer: What I did is not a recommendation.
It was a test.

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Hilarious research:
Automatically Inferring Malware Signatures for Anti-Virus Assisted Attacks.

TL;DR: Don't use anti-virus software.
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Any research results using Clam AV is definitely hillarious but I couldn't agree more with
the previous statement:
"Your internet behaviour is at least as important as your internet security."
And do not click on email attachments, or allow remote access to your PC, from unknown sources.
Sensible and prudent behaviour and a decent free security program which in my case is Bitdefender 2017 AV Free works for me.
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I am glad that GFF is a community of intelligent, well informed, and altruistic people.

1. In what concerns the AV, you should (re-)read, carefully, these articles:

"Avast and AVG anti-virus products collect personal data for selling to advertisers"

2. In what concerns Linux:

- Among many other institutions, uses (SE)Linux.:

- "Securing a Linux System"

- "Security in Ubuntu, Linux Mint and Debian: an explanation and some tips"

"First of all: there is no 100 % security. Not in real life and not in the digital world.
Not even when your computer is running Linux. You should always use your common sense.
And even then it can go wrong.
A certain amount of risk, however small, is unavoidable. A Frenchman would say: c'est la vie."

3. In what concerns a free alternative to Windows, Linux, and the BSDs, I recommend:


Basic requirements:

- x86 processor, Pentium-class or newer
- 96MB of RAM, 256MB recommended
- 650MB of free space minimum, 5GB+ recommended if you intend to do testing
- VGA compatible graphics card, VESA BIOS 2.0+

Windows XP has at least 45 million of Source lines of code (SLOC).
Mac OS X 10.4 has at least 86 million SLOC.
Debian Linux has at least 419 million (!!) SLOC.
FreeBSD has around 9 million SLOC; almost as much as ReactOS.
Less SLOC means that ReactOS is simpler to audit. And certainly more reliable.

Even if ReactOS is in the alpha stage of development, it just works.
It behaves unexpectedly well. Please test it on a virtual machine, if you don't believe me.

The developers of ReactOS aim to make the kernel and usermode APIs more compatible with Windows NT 5.2 (Windows Server 2003).

ReactOS is easy to use. You don't have too much to learn, if you are already familiar with Windows XP.

However, ReactOS seems to be "allergic" to most AV programs.
They either can not be installed, or they lead to blocking the OS.-
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IMO React OS has been a dead duck since it's inception and a generation in alpha status. Security software is not compatible with it and no one knows for sure which or how existing or future Windows malware will affect it.

It is perfectly possible to use Windows now without an antivirus but most users are not prepared to learn how or modify their behavior to stay infection free.

Folks are switching to React OS as an alternative to behavior modification without appreciating the same, and other, threat risks remain.

Linux is definitely the better alternative, especially with Wine, although a degree of self discipline is still required which seems to be beyond the scope of regularly infected users, especially those who respond to "download now!" "see naked celebs" and "click here to speed up your computer" ads.
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