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Originally Posted by memstat View Post
The new builds of Cameo Bare Shell are posted on the new site, along with the Lite and Ultimate versions of the new PDE.


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Hello memstat

First I would like to thank you on your responses to my e-mails.

Your product is very attractive and you have great selection of preinstalled apps. I only have two pendrives at this time. One has Puppy Linux and the other has Portable Apps installed which I have had great success with running inside Linux using Wine. I am hoping you can do more testing of Cameo inside linux and lets us know the outcome. Then again I could always come off 19 bucks and get me a third stick for testing which is against my tightwad ways

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Default Cameo Build 110501

Hello. We just wanted to let everyone out there know that a new build of Cameo has finally been released! Full of bug fixes, increased stability, and yes, more styles just to name a few of the changes in this new build. So point your browser to to get yourself a copy of the new Cameo today!

For those of you who do not remember Cameo here is a little info on it:
"Cameo is a 100% portable desktop environment built upon available freeware and open source applications for the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems. It also utilizes a modified boxCore (bbLean) shell to replace the Windows Explorer shell for a more *nix style feel. Then we sprinkled in some of our favorite and useful portable applications to create a new user experience within Windows. Cameo is offered in three different 'flavors'; Shell, Lite and Full PDE. It runs on all Windows operating systems from 95 through 7."

The Binary Bums

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