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It is very fast on its feet, I must say.

Appears to be a component of an old version of PowerDesk (1998!), but worked for me in Vista and XP.

I compared results to my current search tools, Cathy and FileSeeker, and got same number of hits. Cathy is fastest because it works from a database list, but not a whole lot faster than Find.

Windows Search got more hits, because it looks inside compressed/zip files.

Nice one --- I'll keep using this one for a while and see if it ends up as a permanent member of the family.
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I'm glad you like it and thanks for the extra info. I use this first for all my searches. It never occurred to me to use Cathy for searching my hard drive, I only ever tried it for CDs many years ago when I used to backup to them and I ended up getting too lazy to index them after I burnt them. I still have the download here somewhere.

Another really unusual programme that I use is called Tombo. All it does is read all the text files in a folder or subfolder and displays those files in a tree like layout. I use it for notes. You can create new "notes" from within Tombo and each is saved as individual .txt files so will always be accessible in the future - this is why I use it. You can also create new .txt files in the folder and it will find them.
I have version 1.17 which was a 325kb download zipped and it's about 700kb extracted. This is a link to download version 1.17 but on the home page there are beta versions which were done back in 2006 (it's an old programme) There are screenshots at the second link. It's very simple but very convenient.
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Originally Posted by miskairal View Post
I'm new here and reading and reading and reading.
I am super new here and a noob in a way; it seems wrong somehow to be
new and a noobie when I can remember how excited I was when DOS 6 came out.
I am reading and reading, also... and it looks like I blundered into
a very nice forum. Thanks for the link to Find! I will check it out.

Originally Posted by grannyGrump View Post
Appears to be a component of an old version of PowerDesk (1998!), but worked for me in Vista and XP.
I used that version! Or one almost as old... now I use PD 6 Pro although I sure miss
the days before VCom bought it, and then Avanquest bought them.

Anyway, thanks for this thread grannyGrump! Although I suspect that your nickname is in the american
tradition of calling bald guys 'curly' or heavy guys 'slim'
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