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Default Tutorial - Create a PortableApp Launcher

1. First thing you need to do is download Portabilizer from Dead'Soul's website. A Portable version is also available on the same page.
Portabilizer is a freeware application that creates launcher executables with custom icons. Launchers created with Portabilizer can run a program with specified parameters. These launchers are fully compatible with the Platform, PortableDock and CodySafe.

2. Install Portabilizer if you downloaded the installer package or extract the contents of the archive if you downloaded the Portable version. Launch the program.

3. You will be presented with a window that is small in size and easy to use. Each text box has a specific purpose.

Enter program name - This is the name of the program that you want to create a Launcher for. I will use CCleaner as an example in this tutorial. I would simply type "CCleaner" in this box.

4. Enter launch target - This is the full path to the executable that launches the program. So if I downloaded the Portable version of CCleaner and extracted that archive to my desktop, I would type something like this in the field: "C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Desktop\CCleaner\App\CCleaner.exe" (without quotation marks"
I put the CCleaner program files in a new folder named App because you do not want the Launcher in the same directory as the program files. It makes it easier to find.

5. Target parameters - This field is used to set parameters that are required for programs that save settings in a local folder on the computer. It is used to tell the Launcher to force the program to perform a specific task, such as save settings in a Portable form such as a folder next to the App folder we created. This is not necessary for CCleaner since CCleaner saves it's settings to an INI file in the same location as the CCleaner program files.

6. Select icon file - This is where you click the browse button and locate a .ico file to be used as the icon for the Launcher. An easy way to get the proper .ico file is to download and use a program called IconsExtract. Use that program to extract the icon and then browse to it from the Portabilizer interface.

7. Output folder - This is where you want the created Launcher to be saved. You can choose anywhere you want, really. The Launcher will be created just the same and you can move it to the proper location. Because I told Portabilizer that CCleaner program files were located at CCleaner\App\ then they must remain in the folder and the Launcher must go in CCleaner\
The created Launcher will simply look for a folder called App in the same directory as it is. So once I create my Launcher, I place it in the CCleaner folder, I launch it, it looks for a folder named App in the same directory as the Launcher is, then looks for the CCleaner.exe file and opens it. That's all. Any questions? Post them below. I am sure that some people may have questions, as this isn't the easiest thing to explain.

If you have a question about the Parameter Field, I cannot help you. I do not use that box because I only use this program to create Launcher for already-portable programs that I want to be detected by PortableDock.

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