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Default PotPlayer all in Korean

Thanks for the info. After I click on F5, everything comes up in Korean. Can I switch to English? Thanks again.
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Welcome to the forum .

That's a strange issue. F5 on PotPlayer is for Preferences. So, language shouldn't have changed by pressing F5. Are you sure you are running PotPlayer? Which version of PotPlayer are you running?

The simplest way to get the language back to English would be to uninstall PotPlayer, and install it again.

If you don't want to install again, then also you can change the language to English, but that will require a bit of effort. Read on.

Right-click on the PotPlayer window anywhere, and the first menu in the 4th block of context menu should be the Preferences one, marked F5 against it (as shown in image below). Click on it.

By default, the first setting is for General Settings (in the left hand side menu). So, that should be selected automatically. If it shows something else, just select the top setting. When you select it, on the right hand side, the first setting is for Language. Use the drop down menu to select English language, and click Apply (right most button), and OK (left most button). Shown in image below, with relevant settings marked in red rectangle.

That should change the language back to English.

After that, check if you have the latest version. You can download the latest version here from PotPlayer site:
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It used to be the case that an in place update (from inside Pot Player) would cause the latest Korean version to be installed.

Probably best to do the uninstall/reinstall from routine.
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